China Flower Artisan Tea


Traditional hand tied, small batch crafted green tea with peach and floral notes.

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Smooth green tea enhanced by the peach character of osmanthus flowers with hints of jasmine and lily.
Yunnan province in China is reknowned not only for it’s production of quality green teas but also as China’s largest producer of fresh flowers.  Here the 2 blend seamlessly together so that as the tea brews it unfolds to mimic the way the lush Yunnan countryside bursts open with color in the springtime – fascinating, theatrical and beautiful!
The buds can be used multiple times which make them a perfect party piece for serving for afternoon tea or after dinner.
Presentation caddy containing 5 buds.
Luxury Ingredients: Green tea, Crysanthemum Lily + Jasmine + Osmanthus flowers
Tea(s) From: China
Hot tea brewing method:  Fresh, boiling water is required to allow each tea ball to open up to its full potential.  Place 1 tea ball into a 3-4 cup teapot or mug (glass recommended to appreciate full visual effect).  Pour on boiling water, allow the tea to brew for at least 5 minutes.  Initially the tea ball will float but as it loses the trapped air during the steeping process it will sink if you have used boiling water.  Once the tea ball has opened to its full potential the tea can be consumed.  Refill the pot to taste as required.


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