Matcha – Bengal Chai


Smooth green Matcha enlivened with fresh Malabar spices.

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Traditionally, Matcha is a finely ground, powdered tea made from specially grown green tea leaves.  Luxury Tencha and Gyokuro leaves are shaded under special covers for 3 weeks before plucking which forces the plants to produce higher than normal chlorophyll levels and a lovely rich green colour.  Once plucked, the leaves are steamed and dried, stripped of stems and veins, leaving a pure leaf that is stone-ground into the gorgeous bright green powder we are familiar with.

It is consumed by whisking it into water or milk so the tea is suspended in the liquid, thus enabling the consumption of the whole leaf.  The resulting health benefits are signifincantly increased – 7x the antioxidants of orange juice, rich in calcium, high in antioxidants & approx. 10 times the polyphenols of some regular green tea infusions.

The ancient Japanese who first created the tea believed it was a gift from the heavens and held great restorative and spiritual power. Unsurprisingly, this still forms the basis of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony which centres on the preparation, serving and drinking of matcha as hot tea and embodies a meditative spirituality.

Nowadays, Matcha is used much more widely and there have been some exciting adaptations!  The powder is now an on trend flavouring for all sorts of foods from Asian mochi, soba noodles and confectionery to Western ice creams, smoothies, bakes and cakes as well as being adapted by coffee/tea houses into hot and iced lattes.

This version creates a modern twist, blending Izu Green Matcha with the classic flavors of Indian Chai – this peppery, spicy cup transports you to an exotic world of flavor, tradition and history.

Presented in a beautiful tin (40g) featuring a bird of paradise, this makes a lovely gift or treat for you!

Luxury Ingredients: Green tea, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Black + White pepper, Clove, Nutmeg.   From: Japan / Kenya / China / India


The traditional way …

Whilst our Matcha green tea is of ceremonial grade we like to keep things simple and fun – we think the following methods will work well for you;

Boil preferably filtered water then leave to cool for about 2 -3 minutes – this will ensure peak flavour and enable you to drink your tea straight away.

Use a little of the hot water to warm a small bowl, throw away and dry the bowl. Add approx. 2/3 teaspoon of Matcha powder to the bowl – it’s a good idea to sieve if possible so the results are not lumpy.

Pour in approx. 1/3 cup of the hot water and whisk carefully at first to submerge the powder and then more vigorously in a back-and-forth motion until the powder is blended and the liquid is frothy.  Drink up and enjoy your super healthy Matcha green tea!

Matcha Lattes …

Hot or iced Matcha Lattes are popular, healthy, easy and delicious – just replace the traditional coffee with your chosen Matcha blend.

Use the Traditional Method above to create a base with your Matcha powder.  Add hot milk (froth optional) or cold milk (ice optional). We firmly believe you should tweak your recipes to create your own perfect drink;

  • Use any variety of milk you like.
  • Sweeten to taste with your preferred honey or syrup.
  • Maybe try out your favourite flavoured syrups or add spices.
  • Decorate with a little matcha sprinkle.

Check out our other Matcha flavours – Bengal Chai, Golden Turmeric, Organic Hibiscus – the possibilities are endless – enjoy your Matcha tea journey!


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